In Defense of Arranged Marriage

The purpose of marriage is children. I know I link to Darwin Reactionary a lot, but fact is he addresses the idea in such detail it is hard not to reference him. But perhaps there is no need to go into utilitarianism, let us discuss the story of Swetaketu instead.

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Some meanderings on belief

While I have taken an immense dislike to Yudkowsky, unsurprisingly of course, perhaps since I view all “rationalism” as the first step to self-indulgent nihilism, I find his work on the nature of beliefs fairly persuasive. He speaks of three kinds of beliefs:

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One of the greatest problems Liberalism has wrought on us, is the equalization of spaces.

Spaces are places in which certain types of behaviour is acceptable or better stated; where certain priors are accepted. The space is demarcated either physically or mentally by the groups of people who create and are then accepted into the space.

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11 religious beliefs

If you were wondering what I meant by a framework, in my hypothesis of thinking, I am hinting at a religious conviction. Secularists, leftists, neo-atheists and the like all believe they are above religion in some sense and do not hold any religious convictions. Some go to the extent of believing religious convinctions are silly and outdated, the irony being that this is a religous conviction in itself. Let us go through some  of their religious beliefs:

Do you believe rape can be justified?

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The Spartan Dilemma


In the 8th century BC, Sparta conquered Messenia a neighbouring territory, rich with agricultural land. It was also rich with a labour force, that later came to be known as the helots. Now the helots outnumbered the Spartans 10:1 but were unarmed. [1] Spartans were known for their military prowess and it is not an urban legend that their newborn male children were subject to physical scrutiny for it’s continued life. Spartans killed malformed male babies, most likely because of their male privilege I’m sure.

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Sri Rama The God King

The Rule of Law is a fundamental idea in governing. It concerns itself with the set of rules, codes and laws that a group adheres to uniformly i.e all members of this group adhere to it. However all rules of law are universal, or in other words all rules of law are not Christian in that they believe that there is one law for all of man. As Atavisionary describes, the ancestral heritage of this egalitarian view of life comes from Martin Luther during the age of the Reformation.

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