If you were wondering what I meant by a framework, in my hypothesis of thinking, I am hinting at a religious conviction. Secularists, leftists, neo-atheists and the like all believe they are above religion in some sense and do not hold any religious convictions. Some go to the extent of believing religious convinctions are silly and outdated, the irony being that this is a religous conviction in itself. Let us go through some  of their religious beliefs:

Do you believe rape can be justified?

Forgive me for the choice in creating shock value, but this really gets the discussion going. Are there any conditions underwhich the rape of a woman (or a man) can be justified?  Fact is, that religious scholars have in the past justified rape in various forms. Anyone who even has a cursory knowledge of the history Islam is aware of the bloodshed it has left in it’s wake. All males of the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza who had pubic hair on them were beheaded.
The “spoils of war” the women, were distributed amongst the men. Remember that these women had just lost their husbands and were now slaves. There is a famous quote of the Quran which says that men are allowed to rape their slaves. Even female believers of the desert cult justify it. The reason why Muslim women show so much in-groupism is a topic for another day, and perhaps Yindoo women should take note. But back to the point, why is rape wrong? It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe men and women should be equal before the law?

Now this is a religious belief many seculars like to think is completely irreligious and is quite self evident. But neither the Quran nor the New Testament believes that women are equal to men. But let’s assume that you hold this (ig?)noble belief, do you believe men and women are treated equally before the law? It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe adultery is wrong?

Not all cultures are equal and not all of them agree. In Bharata as well as the West, it is still a traditional notion that adultery is a violation of moral codes. But the Spartans did not think so. Can you justify which adultery is wrong, other than your own moral aesthetics? To most in Bharata the idea of adultery is repulsive, but many break that belief, but you haven’t yet. Why? It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe in monogamy?

Now monogamy is not a new phenomenon and Svetaketu speaks of it in the Upanishads.
But why believe in monogamy when polygamy (common) and polyandry (rare) are still practiced in Bharata and in some cases are quite utilitarian. Fraternal polyandry exists both in Punjab and in the Pahads, as well as down South.
Is there not a socioeconomic benefit to the Pahads? So why believe in monogamy as the right institution for marriage. It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe men and women should freely mingle in society?

This is an obvious religious belief, but I will briefly elaborate here that Islam does not think so, but the Hindus are not uniformly averse to it. Do you believe there is a benefit to separating the genders during their Brahmacharya? Or do you believe that since there is no real difference between the sexes? It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe in averages?

This is a belief which has a really far reaching effect, and it is essentially Bayesian. Let’s say you have a sufficiently large sample size of characteristics of a particular group. If you believe in averages, you will predict that it is highly likely that the next member of the group you observe displays that characteristic. There is no need for thissort of inductive thinking, but you believe it anyway. That’s because you believe in stereotypes, and stereotypes are good.

Do you believe in Happy Hours?

Are restaurants and bars justified in cutting prices for a fixed number of hours to temporarily boost sales. This strategy must be profitable overall else it would not exist. What this belief really is however, is the belief in property rights. Are property rights inviolable – i.e should the human who owns property be allowed to exercise
complete autonomy over his property. Counter to this do you believe that there should be no discrimination? It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe in a Universal morality?

Do you believe that there are moral tenets which are applicable everywhere and for everyone. For instance do you have a universally applicable answer to the trolley problem.
Are you utilitarian or deonotological? You know of the UHR but perhaps you are unaware of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which rejects the UHR because it is derived from Christian theology. So do you think that man has Universal Human Rights which are inviolable?  It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe that age is a good metric for consent?

Now this particular belief is actually very insidious. Mohammed very famously engaged in intercourse with his 9 year old “wife” . But is simply age the right metric by which to consider who can or cannot consent? Where is that age drawn and why is it drawn at that arbitrary number. The Muslims believe that once you attain puberty intercourse is permitted, but if a 9 year old girl attains puberty will the lay Hindu accept this as grounds for consent. The IPC states that at age 16 sex will not be considered statutory rape.
I’m sure you think that people are truly capable of making decisions about sex
once they are “mature” enough and that the age of 16 is a good estimate as the average onset of said maturity. It’s because you believe in religion.

Do you believe the media is reliable?

Have you ever considered that the media has gotten it wrong or misreported? Opindia has pracitcally made a name for itself of proving the media’s duplicitous nature. But do you really think journalism is official? Do you believe that the media is unbiased and a watchdog that tells the right perspectives and always provides an accurate account of all the goings on in the world? You frown at the priestly class for telling you what to do
but you wholeheartedly accept that a 21 year old kid can dictate your beliefs. Really you believe in a dismebodied voice (the newspaper) who speaks the Truth, is Trustable, Accurate and Good. You believe in religion.

Do you believe that the past was less enlightened than today?

Many liberals hold this contemptible belief. I have noted earlier many times, that human wisdom is finite., but they believe that changing certain aspects of traditional society is for the better.  What the believe to be the emancipation of women they will do, despite the fact that the “emancipated woman” is quite unhappy.
They believe in democracy which is good because it is the will of the people but never when the will of the people is an outcome they dislike (as is obvious from when Modi came to power). They believe that tradition is foolish and that they are truly new Thinkers whose opinions are fresh and interesting and original. They believe that the Future of man lies not in the Past but in the dynamic progressive ideas of the Present.

And why do they subscribe to such religious imagery? Why, it’s because they…