The issue of female foeticide is a prevalent one in India which revolves around the relative benefits to having a boy over a girl. Sri Abhinav Agarwal has extensively covered the role of the Ford Foundation in aiding this destructive phenomenon in Hindu society.

The reasons given for female foeticide all boil down to one idea – that of the woman being a financial burden relative to the man. Make no mistake however, female foeticide is an evil and it must be eradicated.

I have already discussed my opinions on abortion here. Frankly I think it is disgusting and downright evil. The topic of whether a human is alive or not is one of philosophy not of science, since science cannot effectively answer the question. You will find a nice link to Bruce Charlton discussing this in my earlier post.

But the topic of this post is it’s reconciliation, if at all it is possible. I concluded rather abruptly in the post on abortion that feminists must support female foeticide or at least the right to it. In this post I wish to elucidate the idea briefly.

The right to murder your own young rests on the notion that the child inside of you is not a human but a clump of cells. Calling it a clump of cells is both scientific and philosophical, because adult humans are also clumps of cells. Indeed, some degenerate leftists and liberals like to think of the child growing inside a pregnant woman as a parasite. This classification is again both scientific and philosophical. In a very similar sense, the old and the infirm are also parasites. In fact, to a man supporting his parents in their old age his parents are parasites. I don’t think it is humane to simply murder one’s parents simply because they are a burden, but those on the left would certainly have to support the idea if one is to reason that the parasitic behavior of other human beings is inherently wrong. These two examples are used to illustrate how using scientific terminology is not strictly scientific but inherently philosophical. Some of these classifications can be extended philosophically provided they share certain characteristics. In fact, a newly born baby is also a parasite, since it cannot fully function on its own and must rely on its parents for sustenance. 

Now the reasoning is quite simple, if a child is to be a financial burden then liberals support the right to simply murder the child. Females are financial burdens more so than men, because of the costs associated with raising a girl. And this appears to be a universal phenomenon.

Face it feminists, supporting abortion is simply tacit support of female foeticide. Sleep well.