“Women have bodily autonomy!” scream leftists without a second thought to what bodily autonomy would entail. It would even seem some sane thinking people have absorbed the meme.

What bodily autonomy means is very simple -the right to choose what to do with one’s own body. But the problem of course with this, is that people are bags of flesh littered with emotions. They are not driven by logic but by fear, longing and their more primal urges. This leads them to make stupid choices. Aside from conciously choosing to be a feminist, one of these stupid choices results in what leftists would have destroyed: Life

Often times the topic of what life is comes up. Leftists love to debate whether or not a foetus is “really” alive. There is no scientific way to discuss what is “alive”, and you can establish this for yourself by reading some Bruce Charlton here. Thus I offer a simple solution to the topic of whether a foetus is alive.

If I am alive due to the sustenance I draw from my environment, a foetus is alive similarly.

Now that we have established that there is some truth to the idea that a foetus is alive, the topic of abortion shifts from – should women have bodily autonomy to

Should women have the right to murder their own young

Pro-abortionists are not truly trying to help women. They degrade them further by introducing the seemingly innocuous idea of free love, the idea that there are no consequences to casual sex. Of course we have evolved into monogamy but leftists only like science when it comes to bashing the religious, they do not actually engage in the scientific method. One may simply skip on over to @real_peerreview to see just how blatantly idiotic leftists are.

One defense of cold-blooded murder is that a woman may not be financially well equipped to bring a child into this world. It suffices to say, that no one would calmly explain to a woman with a 3 year old, that since times are tough it may be financially prudent to lop off the child’s head and dispose of the body quietly.

I am not making an argument for a total ban on abortions. Life which is the product of rape is an exception, I am willing to concede is a good reason to abort. The other is when the life of the mother is threatened. For all other cases, I judiciously ask of you to tame your animal urges and behave like well adjusted adults. If that fails you, I suggest you quickly remove yourself from civil society and live in the wilderness, a beast seeking only to tame your primal self.

In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with an amusing dilemma. If one accepts the premise that life is not sacred and that a woman has the right to murder her own child in cold blood then this leads to some interesting consequences.

If a condition x exists to allow for abortion other than the two I have mentioned above, then it follows that we may use this condition to allow for aborting according to preference of gender. Yes, that’s right.

Feminists must necessarily support the right to perpetrate female foeticide.