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Let’s discuss Hell.

Hell is a place of infinite punishment i.e it is eternal. If I do something ‘immoral’ in the eyes of God (Allah) I go to hell for all of eternity. Now this is an interesting thought, because it would seem that for a finite crime I am being punished infinitely. In fact, achieving Heaven is the same ideal – a finite set of good deeds results in an infinite good being delivered to me. This to me clearly does not meet the standards of justice or logic. No bad thing anyone could do in this life should send them to an infinite eternal hell where boiling water will be poured on their head.

Lets for a second say that it is completely logical that for a finite set of evils that a person deserves hell. Let us also assume that for the travesty of not believing in the Quran or Allah; one deserves hell.

There are millions of people who had never heard of the Abrahamic God (Allah) and even today there are plenty of people who have not heard of him. Early Greek civilization who had some fantastic thinkers like Plato, Archimedes, Aristotle, Epicurus all contributed vastly to science and made lives better for all of humanity today. Without their work, you and I could not trade ideas over the internet sitting in our respective homes. They did not believe in Allah. Do they deserve hell?

Monotheists like to evade this by doing the two-step – “It is God’s Judgement that shall decide your place”. What no guidelines at all? It’s all arbitrary? Why didn’t you say so, time to fire up the grill we’re eating bacon tonight.

If it is God’s Judgement we have to worry about then we will be judged by the decisions we make independent of dogma.

And what of Heaven?

Paradise, Jannat is the most laughably juvenile attempt at giving solace to the dying. If you read slowly it sounds like a con game.

God literally gives you a nice couch. The 7th century was solely in need of interior decorating. As for men, they are very well taken care of. There are among other things big breasted women and wine .

But what really bothers me is the presence of happiness without suffering. Alduous Huxley’s book is a must read and  Heaven sounds like an extra strong dose of what he describes as soma – the onset of hallucinatory unconsciousness.  An eternity spent in vivid hypnagogia.

On the other hand if one must be conscious, one must encounter disappointment. In fact consciousness would force one to experience both joys and pains.

Imagine if you will a newly devised Plato’s Cave. Except my cave is a tank not unlike popular science fiction descriptions of human cloning. There is only perpetual happy signal being sent to my clone’s brain. Dopamine levels are at an all time high. In fact he has never experienced anything but a high dopamine level. What does he feel?

Why nothing out of the ordinary. His increased and maintained dopamine levels would ensure he feels nothing strange. The only way he could experience any pleasure at all would is if you could increase dopamine. But what happens after the increase? Does it dip? He is no longer as happy as he was. Whoops.

Notice that in all of this, we have robbed my clone of his free will. Is this conscious being not a slave to pleasure and cannot freely do anything except feel pleasure. Heaven is a pleasure trap.

Overall the concept of Heaven and Hell appears incongruous to me.

As a side note, what does happiness have to do with sexual urges? Why is sex in any form going to be true happiness? God pulled a real good joke on men when it comes to sexual pleasure. Apologies for linking to the rag, but it is most amusing to know.

Evidently, desire is the real grouse. Eliminate desire and you find happiness. Without desire there would be no sadness, no unhappiness, no coveting, no jealousy and no envy.

Remember that Cosmo article, because it’s useful in our last leg.

This is a difficult topic for many people since they see homosexuals as violent animals and abominations going against Allah’s will. Before I argue this point note that I do not state that homosexuality is good.

Given that we are also animals that descended from an ancestor which was ape-like it is important to note a cousin of ours (one of the closest I might add) that descended from the same ancestor – the Bonobo Monkey.

There are two very interesting things to note about the Bonobo monkey.

A) They are matriarchal i.e the females run the society

B) They are the most peaceful ape-like animal in existence. They do not kill each other.

They engage in homosexual relationships from time to time. One would conclude that there increased sex drives aid their peace. Sex is a means to an end – achieving peace. (Please do not settle disputes with your boss this way).

Let me be clear once again. This only proves that homosexuality is natural not good. There are instances of many other animal species – cats, dogs etc. that engage in homosexual behaviour. All of this points to homosexual relations being natural. This begs the question why allow something to be naturally created and then deem it an abomination. Sounds unnecessarily convoluted to me.

But what do I know.